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- iPhone Calendar Sharing
- iPhone Calendar Sharing
- Show Notes at monthly view
- Synchronization with Evernote
- Synchronization with Evernote
- Locking of each NoteBook
- Support various fonts!
- Various type of sticky notes
- Special icons to use for weather
and emotion
- Keyboard shortcuts for favorite
- Edit NoteBook’ function allows
users to change the main location
- Various Uploading features
- Quick and easy attachment of photo files: pushing screen to the right
- Give slight touch up and down to
the screen to turn the page easily
- Prioritize the contents by the date
created, date modified, title, and contents
- Note backup/restore using Wi-Fi (Dropbox)
- Clicking telephone number, web address, email address (Read-only)
- Stylish cover and skin design
- Todo/indicating schedule with badge icons
- Todo Alarms
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